Friday, May 21, 2010

FlashForward Season 1 Episode 21 - Countdown

Hello Future Dwellers!  Welcome to a recap of the show that has already ended in our minds.  2 Episodes remain to recap, yet I wonder where my motivation is to write about it and you all wonder what the motivation is to read on!   It's tough folks.  The show was getting really good and it was taken away from us.  But, from interviews I have read with the cast it sounds like it will end in a pretty satisfying place.  Tonight's episode was pretty solid!  It actually ended up being a big tease since it was just THE BEGINNING of FlashForward Day!  But I love the fact that at the end of the hour it is awesome how it appears like some characters are straying from the FlashForwards they have seen.  Well, there are a couple that seem to be enroute to their destinies too.   Since I had a long night tonight (that LOST Simulcast event was AWESOME btw) and since this show is a dying breed, I thought I'd do something a little different with this recap.  And my guess is it will be brief.

Remember how we started this blog back in the season premiere?  We introduced the characters and talked about their FlashForwards a little bit.  Since we watched what all of the characters are up to tonight, I thought we'd do the same.  Who is moving towards the FlashForward, who is moving away?  Here we go!


  • You know I totally forgot that Nicole was supposed to drown?  But now that she withheld the information from Bryce about Keiko, it KIND OF makes sense that she would feel she deserves it as she mentioned.   I say "kind of" because I don't think withholding information about a girl someone has never actually met who is in a detention center is grounds for deserving to be drowned to death.  But whatever.  That's the route this thing is going.   Nicole finally broke the news to new boyfriend Bryce that she knew about Keiko being in Los Angeles and where she is. 
  • Meanwhile Keiko has been freed by her mother and is on strict orders to be flown straight back to Japan.  And Bryce is hot on her tail (last we see he's in the detention center).   Keiko wants to be at that Sushi place at 10pm.  My guess is that she'll make it there somehow.  But who on earth would drown Nicole?  The only potential candidate (there's my LOST reference) would be the head of that SANCTUARY group.  I mean, Bryce will be busy so even in a p.o.'d rage, it couldn't be him.  But come on, Bryce wouldn't drown her!   Perhaps though, Bryce will realize what leaving Nicole unattended would mean and he'll run back to save her?  Maybe we'll see maybe we won't! 

  • Okay, so Demetri is going to go to Hawaii to get married but he needs to tell Zoey everything first about sleeping with Janis.  Yeaaaah....that didn't go over too well  (btw...kudos to Mark for the 15 song CD of "Island's in the Stream".   Joseph Fiennes may have actually started selling his role in this episode.  MOSTLY)    Anyway, Zoey goes to Hawaii without Demetri. 
  • So where does Demetri go?  Right to JANIS's place.  But who is there?  SIMON!  Simon needs to go to NLAP and he wants to get revenge on his people.  I'll admit it, I forget exactly what he said he needed to do there but it was of the utmost importance.  Demetri was definitely not on board at first, but then he changed his tune because he finally started seeing his buddy Janis for who she was again (not the CIA Traitor).    We almost saw a flicker of a love interest brewing even if Janis doesn't have much interest in that sort of thing.  But, of course, it doesn't matter since the show ends next week!   
  • We did see Janis having some pregnancy pains and we know she supposedly is getting an ultrasound done at 10pm on April 29th.  It's only like 3 hours away!   
  • The cool thing with this story is, we have no idea what Demetri or Simon should be doing since neither of them had FlashForwards.   So, we'll see where that goes!
Aaron and Tracey

  • The one person who really believed his FlashForward would come true and still wanted it to come true, it isn't looking too good for Aaron right now.  It actually would appear that Tracey has died which is totally not what Aaron saw.  He saw Khamir save her.  So, that would be interesting if he thought Tracey was dead before the Flash, then when he had her back pursuing his FlashForward, he ended up getting her killed.  Very interesting. 
  • It sounds like they were doing some experimentation in that town that Tracey saw destroyed.   Did they say that she was AWAKE during the Global Blackout or during an Experiment PRIOR to the Global blackout?   Again, I didn't take notes and the show is ending next week so I'm not too concerned!  
Stanford Wedeck

  • No Bladder or Bowel issues as of yet. 

Olivia/Charlie  Lloyd/Dylan

  • Olivia is very concerned for Charlie who is afraid her dad is going to die this day.  She brought Charlie to see Dad, and then Mark/Charlie had a great scene.  This is the first and probably only time that I felt tears coming on while watching this show!  I mean, they really start pulling out the big guns and now it's all over! 
  • Anyway, at the end we see Olivia and Charlie going far from the Benford house...away from both Mark and Lloyd.  She doesn't want to be part of any accurate vision of the future.  Things can change in 3 hours I guess. 
  • Lloyd is definitely not happy about this because he just had a breakthrough with his formula for the QED.  Turns out that Dylan is supposed to help with the formula (if anyone listens to Jay and Jack's podcast for FlashForward...they're more known for their LOST one, Jack had a crackpot theory a few weeks ago that Dylan would be the one that wrote the formula on the mirror.  NICE, he finally gets one right! WEll...maybe)   Gabriel had told Lloyd that "you both work on the formula" or something like that.   Lloyd put it all together and feels that he needs to be in that house.  Certain events NEED to happen.  Well, we'll see what happens! 
Mark Benford

  • Mark goes from very calm at the beginning of the day, to fulfilling everything that is supposed to happen to him.   Hellinger sets him on his path of destruction.  He puts a map of various versions of the future and how they all end up with Mark dying.   
  • Mark gets all excited about this Tacionic Wipe.  Couldn't even tell you what that is, couldn't even tell you if I care.  But he does send some FBI agents to a Tacionic Data center and they all get killed.  This inevitably sends him back into the interrogation room (after a visit from Charlie), and then Hellinger gets to him by telling him Charlie will be better of when he's dead.  OUCH.   Even if he told me I was going to, I'd still beat the crap out of him.  Come on, he's handcuffed!  I could take him! 
  • Anyway, this leads to a downward spiral where Wedeck kicks him out of the building (probably why he'd be sneaking in drunk later).  Then he's walking down the street during the big D-Day party!   And what do you know, a guy trying to quit drinking gives Mark the almighty flask!   Mark laughs it up and starts drinking away.  Almost admitting defeat to fate!  
  • He ends up in a bar talking to some dude that seems to remember Mark from HIS FlashForward.  This makes no sense considering Mark is not supposed to be in a bar at 10pm.  Unless maybe being "LOADED OKAY??" actually makes you see a different version of the future than everyone else?  Maybe Mark never goes back to the FBI office?  Yeah, good theory, but I've already seen previews for next week!   Maybe the crazy drunk guy is one of the 3 starred men?  Naaaa  Maybe he was just a crazy drunk guy! 
  • Anyway, Mark got all annoyed and started hitting on the guy and then everyone in the bar starts taking shots at Mark.   And then Mark ends up in a holding cell at the police station.  Hmmm, how's he going to get out of this one? 
The Kangaroo

  • Yeah...good luck getting an answer to that one! 
And that's where we are folks!  I'm told some twisty turny stuff will be coming our way.  It'll be interesting to see how big of a cliffhanger it is left on or if it will end pretty well.  It sounds as if they knew the show might not get renewed so they wrote the finale with that in mind, but there still could be loose ends in case it WAS renewed.  And that, is all we really have to go with.  I'm still looking forward to the finale next Thursday.  Naturally, I'm looking more forward to the LOST finale this Sunday!  It's going to be EPIC!   But, I was really hoping we'd have FlashForward to keep us talking into the future.  I guess it just wasn't meant to be.  But, please keep in touch with anything in the future I end up doing!  For now, I'd just recommend following me on twitter or signing up for updates on my current blogs (check the right hand side of this blog or the other ones).   We still have one more recap to get to next week and I definitely will do it!  So I hope you enjoyed my ramblings as always and I'll see you next week! 


Pictures courtesy of ABC and my iMAC! 

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MJ said...

Boy you weren't kidding about being brief ! But I get it.

Mark was annoying last night. You'd think he'd go out of his way to NOT attack the guy after the guy tells him he does it ?? And instead of roaming the streets with a bunch of partying idiots why not call your daughter and go spend time with her? His refusal to even attempt to think about changing his destiny is annoying to me any way

'But who on earth would drown Nicole?' Could be someone we don't even know. Some of these people are just doing what they saw to make it come true. So this strangler could just be some random nutball. None of the actual known characters seem to fit who would drown her - her character is pretty unimportant.

Mike V. said...

Oh come wasn't THAT brief! lol I was just surprised that I actually fit it in! And, hey, it's hard to find the motivation to do a FULL recap on a cancelled show!

Good points about Mark. I mostly was talking about his scenes leading up to that final disaster. lol They were pretty solid. But yeah, him just going with it at the end was pretty unbelievable. If they had a season 2 in mind when writing the finale, I'm sure he'll survive something will have to change!

Makes sense on Nicole too that it could be some nutball. But just the fact that it's a TV show...I gotta think it's someone we met before...and I still think SANCTUARY GUY fits the bill lol We'll see!

MJ said...

No - not THAT short. LOL

The scene with Mark and Charlie was great though.

And good for Olivia for NOT going home to be with Lloyd ! But like you said - still time to change that.

Was surprised Tracy died though.

Mike V. said...

Definitely short by my standards, yes. lol doesn't seem like there will be any miracle way to save her, right? I'm guessing there's no magical healing spring to bring someone back to life after being dead for 2 hours or anything lol So yes definitely was a shocker!

Kelly said...

it's really sad that lost AND flashforward are over next week. i mean, i'm definitely more upset about lost... but you know how the song goes- if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with? flashforward was going to be the one i was with!
anyway.. one funny thing i noticed (probably purely coincidental, but it was still funny to me) was in janis' apartment there was a shot of a snowglobe with a white rabbit in it, then the camera panned to simon.. just funny considering a)the lost episode "white rabbit" and b)charlie dying in the looking glass station in lost- the rabbit looked just like the logo! lol...
in any case, i await your decision on what show to recap next season and wish you luck in your search!
have fun sunday! i'm having a huge lost party!

Mike V. said...

Thanks Kelly! I'm gonna need it! There is a liberating feeling considering the option that I wouldn't have to be REQUIRED to watch TV on certain nights to write a recap lol So I have to weigh that into it too :-)

Of course, I could maybe do some kind of ALL TV SHOWS Blog and just write about whatever I feel like whenever I feel like it! I'd need a more sophisticated site to filter these shows into different sections though lol Anyway...too much info!

I TOO noticed the White Rabbit, and you can be sure if I did a FULL recap on this one, I would've mentioned that :-) lol Good Catch!

Mike V. said...

Oh and enjoy your LOST party! I'm happy to be in the seclusion of my Basement with the big screen, the surround sound and my wife! (and the dog of course lol)

But...I will say that watching some of those LOST clips last night in the theater with a bunch of LOST fans at TIMES TALK LIVE was AWESOME! It makes me wish that I had seen all of the episodes on the big screen! lol

Kelly said...

wait, what was times talk live? where? why did i not know about this?!

Mike V. said...

I posted about it on this blog and the other blog the past few weeks! There was an interview with Damon and Carlton in NYC last night and it was simulcast in movie theaters all across the country. It was awesome...lots of great discussion, Q&A and then some old awesome LOST clips along with one clip from the finale!! Anyway, I've been talking about it (spoiler free) on the LOST blog all day...check the page 2 of the comments starting at about 11pm last night!

Kelly said...

oh man, i can't believe i missed it! i could've gone to NYC and stalked them! lol

Mike V. said...

Yeah, I considered it too lol I tried to get tix to the live event but it sold out in minutes! Oh well, the theater experience was awesome too!

rhiamon said...


1st - your blogs are great. Found your Lost one recently and from there followed you onto FlashForward once I got into that. So depressed that FF is cancelled - at least Lost comes to a more natural end (that said, what on earth will I do with all that time once it's over?!) even though it's still sad. Don't let the cancellation get you too down though, we still rely on your recaps, remember? :) Plus, the show still deserves a good send-off.

Anyway, just thought I'd share a few links in case someone reading this would like to join the "Save FlashForward" campaign. This site has some good info and links:

or just sign a petition directly here:

Looking forward to reading both your recaps next week!

MJ said...

Thanks to Rhiamon for the links to save FF !

I noticed last night that FF wasn't set to tape. For some reason the series setup was totallly gone ! I'd have been so mad if I missed the finale. The husbands series for Dr. Who was gone as well. How strange !

I missed the white rabbit last week ! LOL

"I'm guessing there's no magical healing spring to bring someone back to life after being dead for 2 hours or anything" Good one ! LOL

Mike V. said...

Good thing you got that fixed MJ! I'm sure it will be a solid episode tonight. Still a little upset this one got cancelled.

Just be warned - My recap might be very similar to last week's when it comes to LENGTH! lol

Anonymous said...

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