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FlashForward Season 1 Episode 16 - Let No Man Put Asunder

Hello Future Dwellers!  Well, what a difference a week makes, right?  Yeah, last week's episode was decent but it left us with plenty to complain about.  Of course, the MOLE situation didn't improve any as we did not learn too much on the Janis front.  I still say there may be more going on there than meets the eye.  We'll just have to wait and see.  But 3 of the big pending flashes take front and center stage this week as we creep closer and closer to D-DAY.  We see some running away from their flashes and some meeting them head on.  But in either case, it sure looks to be coming either way!  Let's dive in.

The 3 Flashes I am referring to are of course Aaron going to Afghanistan, the growing affections of Olivia and Lloyd and 3 days away from mostly certain death - Demetri.  There are other things happening here and there around these flashes but those are the main focal points.  So that's how we're going to break up this analysis this week (hey why not?  Let's mix things up a bit!)

The Olivia and Lloyd Front
So, Mark is out of the house and we all saw this coming right?  Somehow or some way Lloyd and Olivia are going to keep running into each other.  This time?  Charlie set up a play date with Dylan by snagging his phone number and getting him to urge his daddy to go to a specific park.  The park just happens to be near the Benford house.  Here are the events that followed: 
  • Charlie and Dylan keep their Squirrlio chants going!  I'm gonna say it right now....Squirrlio is the key to all of FlashForward!   

  •  ....
  • ......
  • ......
  • Okay okay, I'm kidding!
  • Lloyd and Olivia both feel awkward by the situation as the kiddies just go about their business.  Lloyd offers to wait in the car and Olivia finally stops shoving him away and says that it doesn't have to be that way. 
  • And wouldn't you know it?  Charlie gets hurt on the playground!  Mouth bleeding at all.  lloyd turns into SUPER PARENT and helps cheer Charlie up and tells her to squeeze his hand tight to take the pain away. awwwww   Not cool Olivia, don't fall for him! 

  • This leads to Olivia abandoning her daughter for a little while in the middle of the night to knock on Lloyd's door and thank him.  (yes yes, I'm sure Nicole is babysitting, but come on.  This only happens on TV right?)  
  • Lloyd lets her in he offers her 3 choices of beverages: old milk, juice box or GIN.   Alarms go off, Olivia gets ready to leave and Lloyd turns on the charm.   He claims that she could have just called.  Olivia starts complaining about mistakes she made and takes some of the blame off of Mark for their marriage hitting rocky roads.   Lloyd mentions something about using Dylan's autism as a reason for leaving his wife.  Then he says they should start "living in the moment" and all of that stuff and that they're both feeling the same thing.  They are both going to be there on April 29th.   Olivia is scared, Lloyd says she should be and then.......woaaa WHAT?  They're kissing!!!!  NOOOOO!!!!   Granted, this relationship has more sparks than the wooden Olivia/Mark chemistry but it's still all kinds of wrong.    I mean, she's Penny!  She's Desmond's constant!!  (there's the LOST reference for the week) 

  • I guess I should note the comparison he made to Lancelot persuading Guinevere to leave King Arthur.   That sealed the deal for him! 
  • And that's about all we see on the Lloyd/Olivia front.  What does this mean?  Is she done with Mark?  Did anything more than the smooches happen?   I guess we must tune in.  But she certainly felt awkward when Mark called later on.  But we'll get to that in a bit. 

Jericho/Stan/Aaron/Afghanistan Front

Vice President is in Town!
So remember way back in the fall when our MOSAIC squad went to D.C.?   Remember how Senator Clemente worked her way to get the nod to become the new Vice President?  There were other reveals such as the President having an illegitimate child living in Georgetown and Clemente thinking that Stan had the affair or something like that.  It's been awhile.  Anyway, Clemente had a flash that she would be the President on April 29th.   And now she's all the way in Los Angeles just to visit Stan Wedeck.  

  • Clemente is interested in Jericho and why the CEO beefed up his security at his house (we know it's because Aaron invaded there trying to get information on his daughter).  

  • She knows that Mark Benford investigated Jericho recently and she knows that Jericho has caused a national crisis by the time April 29th rolls around (she sees herself writing something about them in her Flash).  
  • But Wedeck calls her bluff and said that anyone could have flown to Los Angeles to ask Stan to work "off the grid" to investigate the Jericho situation.    Looks like Clemente was recruiting Stan for the new administration about to take over.  She was asking him for dirt on Dave (the President) because something big had to have happened in his past that would surface and remove him from office.  Stan said he would not betray his friend.  Clemente pretty much offers him an ultimatum.  Either he spills the beans or rue the day he crossed the future President!   Not those exact words, but it may as well have been!    We don't really see Stan's decision but it would seem that if the flashes come true, Stan might be responsible for Clemente being sworn into office! 
Wedeck investigates Jericho
  • Stan asks Mark what he was doing looking into Jericho.  And we get the dirt we already know.  He looked into it for his friend Aaron Stark who wanted information on his daughter.  Mark refused to give anymore information because it was told in confidence.   Stan understands and asks if it would be okay if he made contact with Aaron.   We finally hear Mark say that he hasn't been able to reach Aaron since he went "off the grid".   
  • But Stan finds a way to reach Aaron anyway at a "CASH ONLY" hotel near some Jericho operations apparently.  Aaron is freaked out at first pointing a gun at Wedeck but Wedeck informs him why is there.    Aaron gives Wedeck the intel.   Jericho wants to take Tracy down because she witnessed a village being wiped off the map, she's alive and is in Afghanistan.   Aaron had a crazy plan of how he was going to get there, but Wedeck knew he would never survive.

  • Wedeck offers Aaron the opportunity to go into Afghanistan undercover as someone helping to install a power grid.  He provided him with a satellite phone and asked if Tracy would provide the dirt that he needs.  Aaron is sure she would.  He provides a huge amount of untraceable guns and ammunition and Aaron is as psyched as if it's Christmas day.  Wedeck is pretty certain that Aaron won't survive this mission but Aaron is motivated by his Flash forward.   "God Help anyone standing min my way."  Can't wait to see Rambo Aaron in Afghanistan! 

  • Oh and Mark asks Stan later if he ever found Aaron.  Stan lies about what is going and says Aaron must have really not wanted to be found.  Interesting...I guess Mark wouldn't have been too happy if he found out Stan sent his friend over there to die. 

March 12, 2010

It's 3 days before the Ides of March!  March 15th, the day that Demetri Noh and Dyson Frost (D. Gibbons) are supposed to meet their demise.   The FBI just caught their mole, Marcie but are unaware that their might be another mole in Janis Hawk.   Noh is clearly on edge with finding his killer and Mark's gun that is supposed to kill him.  The storyline takes some unpredictable turns and based on what we see happen by the end, even my suggestion of wearing a bulletproof vest the entire month of March wouldn't have helped matters much!   We start off with some more backstories from 2 years prior to the blackout.

2 years before blackout

  • It's orientation day for the new FBI agents!  Demetri, Janis, Marcie and Al Gough are all part of the squad.  Apparently, they were all friends during their training too.   Mark gives an inspirational speech about how their best moment in the FBI is yet to come.  It will be an anonymous moment where you're asked to do something.  To make a sacrifice for the good of someone else.  The camera focuses on Gough at this point, which we know he killed himself to save a woman he never knew (based on Flash Forward events). 

  • Wedeck was very impressed with the speech for whatever that is worth. 
  • We find out that Demetri was supposed to be partnered with Vreede and Al was supposed to be partnered with Mark.  Turns out that Demetri begged Al to trade with him because Mark is a LEGEND.  
  • We also find out Janis doesn't get a partner because she's heading to analysis.  And Marcie is going to end up working for Janis even though she was their Team Captain during FBI Training.  (looks like Marcie had some issues with her placement in the FBI!) 
  • Later on in the episode we see Demetri being asked to take the stand to testify in some crazy case where Zoey was questioning him.  While I don't remember or care about the details of the case, Zoey was showing how good she is at questioning the witness and getting her way even if it was the wrong way!  Demetri was terribly annoyed afterwards, but Zoey asked him on a date to make him feel better.  It turns out that this is how they met and eventually fell in love.   And none of it would have happened if he didn't trade partners to get Mark.   

Present Day - Interrogation of Marcie
Mark and Demetri are tasked with questioning Marcie but she isn't giving up much information.

  • Demetri is panicking with 3 days left until he's supposed to die.  He keeps firing away questions like who came after them in DC, are they still after us, who killed Ian McKinnin, is that who is coming after him?   Marcie - don't know, don't know, don't know, don't know.  
  • Mark brings Demetri outside and calms him down saying that this isn't helping.  He pulls in super suspicious Janis to help finish the interrogation!   And of course, now that we know she is a mole, she just looks all evil in every scene now.  She starts asking Marcie questions and Marcie begins answering.  What were her duties?  Every week she would drop off MOSAIC information a dead drop.  She was approached 3 months before the blackout but would not reveal her source.  She said the man asked if she wanted to do something big.  And apparently, she accepted! 

  • Marcie goes on a rant of how no one ever asked what her flash was.  She was incarcerated.  And apparently she had never been happier.  She is completely indispensable on 4/29 because she never revealed her recruiter.  And as alluded to in the flashback she says the felt important for the first time since she got to the FBI.  Ouch! 

  • And before they can question her more, the FBI Director (I'm guessing?) from Washington wants to take the hostage.  Mark pleads for one more day but they take her anyway.   So it looks like they have to redirect their focus back to the blackout!
By the way, we did see a FLASH from a future episode after the main title this week.  It looks like a picture of Demetri up on a Chalkboard.  Could this be wherever Dyson Frost is residing??

Tracking Dyson Frost
So after Dyson Frost made contact in last week's episode, he is not calling them back now.  Mark has left 4 messages and nothing.  Wedeck orders Vreede to put a trace on his phone.  Meanwhile Demetri got a call from LAPD and Mark's gun was used in murder! DUM DUM DUMMMM
  • They go to this church to investigate and find a 55 year old man in his cot supposedly asleep.  The man was quoted saying "I knew it would be you, I just didn't believe" and then was shot 3 times in the chest close range.  Maybe Dyson Frost, based on his flashes, somehow contacted this man before he killed him as well?    

  • There were also witnesses that saw a 1970's blue sedan drive away, foreign make.   Demetri is clearly frustrated knowing this man is coming for him!  
  • Mark and Demetri focus back on the gun and how it could have gone missing.  DUH, Marcie!  They run after Marcie as she is getting on the plane.  They ask who she gave the gun to.  "I don't know!"  That sounds familiar.   She does spill that he is supposed to die in L.A. and that she overheard that.   Then she comforts him by telling him he's going to die in 3 days and there's nothing he can do about it.  Sweet!    So that big scene was pretty much for nothing!   But boy was it dramatic! 

  • Next up Demetri get intel on a Blue Sedan and there's a hold-up at a department store or something like that.  A whole big dramatic scene where Mark is going to go in and spare Demetri because he may have gotten shot 3 days before his actual death.  But Demetri wants to look this guy in the face.  This guy is misguided saying that Salespeople caused the blackout by giving everyone cell phones.  Now while that may sound crazy, I think I may have tossed around a theory a few months back that maybe cell phone towers were used somehow to cause the blackout.  After all, Mark's cell phone wasn't working immediately after the catastrophic event!  
  • Anyway, Demetri ends up dis-arming himself of 2 guns and a clip....but he still had a 3rd hidden behind his tricky!  He looks death in the eye and takes the guy down...saving the girl he had hostage.   (by the way, nice shout out to Randy "The Macho Man" Savage!)   

  • Oh and after all of that?  It wasn't Mark's Gun that the guy had!   Mark is frustrated with Demetri.  Demetri needs Mark's help.   Mark ends up advising Demetri to run away.  Something Mark won't do but he'll give other people the advice!   While Demetri refused at first he does end up taking the advice. 

Going to the Chapel!
So Demetri goes home to talk to Zoey.  He brings up that whole speech of little decisions in life that led him to her.   And then said they should get married like TOMORROW, fly to Hawaii and then not come back until after 4/29, or maybe even never!  Zoey is totally game!

  • The whole FBI crew goes out that night with Demetri and get him good and drunk!   Janis asks Dem if he would be okay with Vreede officiating at the wedding.  Good times.  And then it's time to head home for the night. 

  • Janis walks Demetri to a cab.  I kept thinking something shady was going to happen here.  But she actually got him to a cab!   Oh and then he brought up the night in Somalia.  She says "I'm Pregnant!"  and then walks away as the cab starts driving away.  Demetri starts yelling after her confused.   So was he confused because maybe she was upset that he was getting married?  (meaning...THEY DID conceive a child together?)  Or was he confused because they did NOT do anything and she got pregnant anyway!?   Yep, I'm still holding onto the Simon theory as long as I can!  I mean, they clearly didn't show anything so they want us to keep guessing! 

  • The next day Demetri and Zoey go to a church to see if they can use it for a last minute wedding.  There's some funny "Pre-Marital Counseling" stuff here, especially when Demetri and Zoey do the cardinal mistake by telling the priest that they have been living together for a year.  Good times!   Anyway, as long as they had someone to officiate they could use the space.  They do! 
  • Oh right, upstairs hiding in the shadows is Dyson Frost!  OHHHH BOY.  

  • There was a break from the wedding madness back at FBI HQ where Vreede stumbled upon when Dyson Frost activated the cell phone on 2/28 at 3:18pm.  At 3:19 they see a video feed of Dyson getting into the blue sedan.  Apparently, Dyson wanted them to see this video and wanted them to find the homeless guy he murdered with Mark's gun.  Mark says there is a method but they just don't understand it yet.  Well duh Mark!  That's because it makes no sense! 

  • We then see Demetri coming downstairs in his apartment with his tux on singing "Islands in the Stream" (the song he was complaining about in the beginning of the season that Zoey wanted played at their wedding).   And then WHACK....Dyson Frost is there to knock Demetri out with Mark's gun!  CRAZY

  • Everyone else is at the church all dressed up, but no Demetri.  Zoey is distressed.

The Carnival

  • The blue sedan is parked with Dyson Frost in it near the school carnival that Olivia and Charlie were going to.   Demetri is unconscious in the backseat.  Dyson covers him up. 

  • Next scene we see Olivia operating one of the carnival stands and she gets a call from Mark.  Mark updates her that he can't find Demetri and he's supposed to be killed on the 15th.  He asks Olivia to keep Charlie tonight because he's not going to be able to get her.  When she gets off the phone Charlie is missing.  Oh boy. 

  • We see Charlie sitting on a bench and Dyson "D. Gibbons is a bad man" Frost comes and sits next to her.   "HELLO CHARLIE...."


Well, that was pretty intense stuff wasn't it!?   Not much to speculate on.  It was just a thriller from start to finish and next week looks to be more of the same!  We're finally going to hit one of our milestone dates.  I can't wait to see what goes down.  Hopefully, they'll find a way to spare Demetri, but I guess I can see it going either way at this point.  I am still holding onto hope that this show will get a 2nd shot next year.  It's definitely an entertaining hour of television each week.  We'll see what happens!

A word of advisement, I'll be out next Thursday night so I may be a little late with the blog.  But keep checking in on Friday.  I'll get it up eventually!

What did everyone think of this episode?  Are you excited for the next one!  Any predictions on what's going to happen?   Let's start discussing!   Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and I'll see you next week!


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Deebo said...

Great episode, I have to admit not a big Cho fan but I thought he did an excellent job in this episode…It was nice that D.Gibbons met Charlie because we know she said he’s a bad man!...Did Janis really get pregnant by Demetri?? Here is a wild theory: Dimetri knows it’s his kid, Mark finds out Janice is the mole and is about to shoot Janis and Dimetri steps in to save his unborn child?? Maybe lol…Awesome recap Mike, thanks for getting it up so do you have time to sleep?? LOL

Bryan said...

I actually really like your theory Deebo! We'll find out soon.

Mike V. said...

Thanks Deebo! I got that thing done relatively early last night compared to the other blog. lol Plus I was off today so it wasn't too bad.

Yeah...D. Gibbons met Charlie....but Charlie already thought D. Gibbons was a bad man because Dylan spells it out on the fridge in her flash lol

not a bad theory! But I guess they'd have to get Demetri in a situation where this can happen as he is held captive by D. Gibbons right now. lol But yeah...that's a pretty good one. Something tells me they're going to let Janis's secret run a little bit longer though.

MJ said...

Can't wait to see Aaron go all Rambo-like.

I'm kinda hoping they don't kill Dem - but they could accidently hit the fiancee and kill her. LOL
But I doubt that will happen.

Mike V. said...

MJ, I'm on the same page. I am not a big fan of Zoey! That would be awesome if she died instead lol But yeah, I think Demetri's character would be promising in a subsequent season where he's not whining about dying the whole season!

MJ said...

Loved the 'I'm gonna say it right now....Squirrlio is the key to all of FlashForward!' LOL Yeah - I agree - that stupid squirel is pur evil and should be taken out !

We've now seen a large scale change from what people saw when that Somali guy died - that changed hundreds of FF's. So they better change Dems ! And as for Mark and Lloyd - neither of them get the girl ! They don't deserve her. But Keiko deserves her guy. ;-D

Mike V. said...

LOL glad you enjoyed that MJ. I guess it wouldn't be too far out to say that this cartoon has brainwashed these kids though! It's all they ever talk about!

Totally agree with Somali guy and the large scale. I just always thought it would be too easy for Demetri to just die as he's supposed to. But it would be cool to see him in that situation and whatever choice has to be made to get him out of that situation.

I say bring Desmond into this show and have her ask why Penny is going by the name Olivia now and has an impeccable american accent. They sail away into the sunset with CHARLIE who isn't a girl but Desmond and Penny's son disguised as a girl. (convenient they both have the same name! I'm onto you FlashForward and LOST!) And all is right with the world again!

And this is why I do not write TV shows! lol

Mike V. said...

Hey guys, just a reminder...I won't be watching FlashForward until tomorrow morning. But I'll get the blog up as soon as I can!