Monday, August 10, 2009


Hello all and welcome! You may be aware of my other blogs: The LOST ADDICTS BLOG and AMERICAN IDOL ADDICTS BLOG. As we sadly know, LOST is preparing to air its final 18 hours of new material and is planning to close up "most" loose ends. Yes I say most because there will probably always be a need to revisit unanswered questions on that blog! But with that and the shocking announcement of Paula's exit from Idol (I smell the beginning of the end), I'm on the brink of needing something new to write about. Buzz has been building for the supposed LOST successor: FLASH FORWARD. The details? The entire world passes out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds and during that time, get a glimpse of their own future (and it doesn't look good!). With an entire population having a DESMOND-Like flash of the future, there is a lot of material for this show to explore. And it's definitely something that I want to explore! I am planning to write more in the near future but at least wanted a post one post to let you all know that I'm serious about undertaking this new venture! Check out the trailer for the show below and join me as we start a new show from scratch to prepare us for LOST's departure!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike ! MJ here from the Lost Blog. I'm looking forward to this new show - and am very happy to hear that you'll be covering another show I watch. Can't wait - more good times ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike. When is Flash Forward going to be on?

Mike V. said...

Hey MJ! So weird that I didn't get these comment updates on my email! Glad you're going to start following this one too. I hope I can keep up with it when LOST and Idol start! lol Flash Forward begins 9/24/2009!